Dues for companies to join REIA are on a sliding scale, based on total company revenue.

Non-Profit or Government $200 Local
$500 National
Manufacturer/Distributor Basic Level $500 Voting rights, company name on website, industry updates, special training opportunities
Manufacturer/Distributor Kilowatt Level $1000 All the above + access to contacts list, company participation in special events, event discounts
Manufacturer/Distributor Megawatt Level $2500 All the above + 1 presentation to members at general meeting, 3 months of rotating newsletter banners, logo on website
Manufacturer/Distributor Gigawatt Level $5000 All the above + rotating front page logo, sidebar on all newsletters, collateral placement at general meetings and special events, year round mention in newsletters,
Manufacturer/Distributor Terawatt Level $10,000 All the above + involvement in planning process, static front page logo, first rights to event sponsorship, exclusive marketing rights, special article about your company in newsletter


If you do not represent a company, you are welcome to join REIA as an Associate Member.  Associate Members dues are $100 and do not come with voting rights. At any time one Associate Member can be elected to Board of Directors, where they vote with the other Directors.